A Branch of the Jarvis Family

Janet Robinson

3. Daniel Jarvis (2nd)

Like his brother John (2nd) we are unable to say where or when Daniel was born, or when he married.

His wife’s name was Mary, surname unknown.  They had four children: -

John (3rd) baptised in Birchington on 23rd September 1694,
Anna baptised in Birchington on 16th May 1696,
Elizabeth baptised in Birchington on 30 January 1697/98
Jane baptised in Birchington on 18th August 1700.

I believed this Anna to be my ancestor, but have now found a burial for an Anna, daughter of Daniel, on 7th March 1711/12, and as no mention is made of Anna in her fathers will this seems to be her.  My Anna must be from another branch of the family.

Elizabeth married John Penny on the 10th October 1717 at Canterbury Cathedral.  She is named as a beneficiary in her fathers will. (See information re. Penny family at end of this section)

Jane died at the age of 16, being buried at Birchington on the 28th August 1716.

Daniel and Mary spent all their married life in Birchington at Laburnum House.  Mary was buried at Birchington on 6th December 1712.

Daniel was buried at Birchington on 18th December 1716.

In his will, dated 10th November 1716 he gives and bequeaths to his son John Jarvis and the lawful heirs of his, begotten and to be begotten, forever a messuage or tenement, barn, stable, outhouses, edifices, buildings, lands, premises and appurtenances in Birchington, then in the occupation of Thomas Pittington, and for want of such heirs then he wills that after his said sons decease the said messuage should return, be, and remain to his daughter Elizabeth Jarvis, her heirs and assigns for ever.  Also “Item, I give and bequeath unto my son John Jarvis, his heirs and assigns for ever all that my messuage or tenement with the barn, outhouses, edifices and building lands, premises and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining, situate, lying and being in the said parish of Birchington and now in my own occupation and in the occupation of Mary Prior widow or one of us”.

The Penny/Pennie/Pennye/Penney family were in Birchington from at least the mid 1500s.

In the 1558 will of Richard Crispe of Quex one of his bequests was for Penny to have a tovet of wheat and a tovet of malt yearly.

In 1607 an orphan girl was apprenticed to Henry Penny by the churchwardens to train as a servant.

From 1609 to 1631 two Surveyors of the Highways are recorded, Henry Pennye and William Jorden.  The inhabitants of each parish were responsible for the upkeep of the roads within their boundaries, and the surveyors of the highways, who were unpaid, were appointed to supervise the work on the highways.

During the plague of 1637 John Penny of Birchington was paid 2s. ‘for the use of his wheelbarrow to carry the visited dead people to burying.’

In 1694 Thomas Penny was the village dog whipper, whose job it was to remove noisy or misbehaving dogs from the Church.  He was paid a small wage and the free use of ‘Dog Acre’, which was a plot of agricultural land owned by the church, which was situated at the bottom of what is now Station Road.  It is still a green space today, although smaller than it used to be.

John Penny and Elizabeth (nee Jarvis) had two children, Mary baptised at Birchington on 28th December 1718, and John baptised at Birchington on 27th January 1722/23.  From a land indenture of 1769 we learn that John senior was a shopkeeper.  John junior was a ‘taylor and draper’ who inherited his mother’s share in the property willed to her by her father Daniel Jarvis.

Elizabeth was buried at Birchington on 4th February 1762 and her husband on 11th December 1769.

Birchington church
Birchington church