Margate Crime and Margate Punishment

Anthony Lee

Appendix II Taylor Petition

To the Honourable the Commons of the United Kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland in Parliament assembled.

THE HUMBLE PETITION of the undersigned Inhabitants of the Parish of Saint John,  Margate, in the County of Kent,

That JAMES TAYLOR, late of the Town of Margate, Bricklayer, was, with Eighteen others, tried before the Honourable Baron Wood, at the Spring Assize for the County of Kent, held at Maidstone, in the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty-two, for having, on the Second Day of September, One Thousand Eight Hundred and Twenty-one, feloniously assembled together with Fire Arms, and other offensive Weapons, near Marsh Bay, in the said County, for the purpose of removing Smuggled Goods.

That upon the said Trial, the said Taylor, and Eighteen others, were found guilty of the capital Offence laid to their charge, as aforesaid.

That great doubts, however, having been entertained as to the Guilt of the said Taylor, and the learned Judge, who presided at the Trial, having had reason to be dissatisfied with the Verdict of the Jury, so far as regarded the Conviction of the said Taylor, he recommended him to His Most Gracious Majesty for a free Pardon.

That, notwithstanding the said Recommendation, the said Taylor has been transported for Life.

That the most general conviction prevails in the Town and Neighbourhood of Margate, that the said Taylor is innocent of the Charge whereof he was convicted as aforesaid.

Your Petitioners therefore pray that your Honourable House may be pleased to take the case of the said James Taylor into your consideration, and to do therein as to you shall seem meet.

And your petitioners will ever pray.

Francis Cobb

Dominick Funk

Richard Crouch

John Socket

James Jolly

Charles Dunkin

James Wright

Latham Osborn, jun.

William Castell

James Brooman

William Culans

Henry Brasher

Joseph Taylor

Robert Brasier

William Garner

George Crookshank

James Dixon, jun.

William Ingmire

Richard M. Smithett

Thomas J. Rowe

William Cobb

George Finnis

Thomas Carthew

Thomas Smith

Thomas Newby

James Peete

William Edmunds

Abraham R. Newby

S. Johnson

John Cooper

W. Lansell

Thomas Betsey

W. T. Mathews

James William Trotter

Daniel Jarvis

F. T. Wells

Joseph Hallams

Latham Osborn

Joshua Waddington

Thomas Cramp

Samuel Silver

J. Jenkins

William G. Lewis

F. How

William Panic

Thomas Young, jun.

Robert Salter

James Gore

J. P. Powell,

George Creed

George Staner

J. W. Cobb

John Pierce

William Ladd

George H. Hoffman

Samuel Bettison

R. R. Mummery

W. Miller

Charles Winch

Charles Robertson

Robert Rybot